Vision & Mission


To provide ergonomic, robust and comprehensive innovations to our partners


To be the leading provider in security and low current systems.


  • Ethics
  • Trust
  • Customer Focus
  • Team

Our Expertise

Our expertise lies in providing a state of the art ELV solution which adherers to the concept of enriching aesthetics, giving sense of security that in turn leads to a upgraded lifestyle.

We believe that every project is unique with its own set of demands and requirements. Therefore we ensure our solutions are tailor-made to the diverse needs of the client and lay special emphasis on quality, aesthetics and practicality

Core Values

Corporate Responsibility

Our responsibility to our customers and the communities we serve is based on clear alignment between our business and corporate responsibility strategies.

Corporate Governance

Qatar Boom's Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which promotes the honest and ethical conduct of our employees and all consultants and contractors who represent the company.

Quality Management

Our approach to quality management is grounded in our desire to improve customer satisfaction by supporting our customers' business goals.

Our Approach

we believe that our corporate responsibility and approach will help us achieve sustainable growth through our collective efforts, we seek to create value for both society and our business.